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[Jun08'2009 01:03AM]
[ mood | sore ]

I believe I have moved. signedpass


[Jan31'2007 02:54PM]
I sat today in fourth hour just randomly thinking, avoiding reading the book propped in front of me, and I felt sad that Chris wasn't there. Actually, maybe I wasn't sad, I just realized he probably was off driving somewhere with a group of students. Danny was sitting where Chris normally sits, and I just inwardly giggled at the irony. Just a few years ago, actually, maybe it was only two years ago, Danny had felt a feeling for me I could not return. He claimed he was in love with me, but how silly would that be for a boy like Danny to be in love with me! I was just starting to chase after Chris, debating if I liked him or not, when Danny had told me we were meant to be together.

I still just shrug it off, I knew and he knew that Danny was not in love with me. He instantly got over me. I try and talk to him normally. I don't know why I found it so funny, I'm sure Danny just thinks I'm crazy now.

The big game (I think everyone has a high school rival, our's is simply Verot and No-Fo) is coming up on Friday. I think it is going to be bigger than the No-Fo vs. Fo-Mo game. Everyone has a silent envy for the Verot kids; they are the partying rich kids, and we at Fort Myers are just study-study-study. It's a miracle if you get to go out once and a while. Anyways, people have been stocking up on green and white paint. We tried to let Manda let us do something fun, like green nail polish, or a simple wave on our cheek. Maybe her pregnancy is making her even more of a pain. Last night, as I was trying to sleep, I could hear her yelling at me, "Pull your knees to your chest! Tighter! Lock your elbows!"

I think I can blame Manda now for my future cheerleading-nigtmares. And as being an excuse not to try-out.

[Dec04'2006 09:06PM]
I had the most perfectly long entry. Am I weird to find long entries nice? Anyways, I had this gloriously written entry, and something on my crappy internet caused my entire computer to shut down. It is so dissapointing to see an hours worth of writing (I swear it wasn't that long. I get easily distracted) gone in a second.

I am looking through a random person's flickr account. It makes me wish I was from somewhere far, far away from here. God, this entry doesn't even par up to my deleted one.

[Nov12'2006 03:37PM]
I've become recent a The Office fan. I mean, I bought the season DVDs a couple of weeks ago, but when I stayed home sick on Friday, I watched practically five hours of The Office. It's hard not to love that show, especially with John Krasinski and Steve Carrell.

I got accepted to be a Student Ambassador. I was supposed to send out sponsor letters, but I don't feel like it today.

School feels like the same crap every day. Notes, tests, reading, everything just meshes into one another. I just want it to be over with already, I want it to be summer. I don't have any patience any more for school.

I don't have much patience for anything lately.

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